Alexandra founded URBAN in 2013. She has a vision to bring joy to people’s everyday experience of the city. By synthesising her background in art, landscape and sustainability, she transforms urban spaces to places of art and beauty. She is a chartered landscape architect in the UK, and also worked for a number of years in Canada where she trained.

In the last 15 years, Alexandra’s work has focused in the UK and abroad, including work in Russia, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. She is capable of working at all scales: as Project Director for the Qatar Public Realm, she developed a strategic plan for all of the country’s public realm, while at the same time designing detailed, specific mock-ups. Currently she is completing the SKY TV campus in London.

Before founding URBAN, Alexandra directed the Martha Schwartz Partners office in London for a number of years, and then went on to lead the Aecom Design Team in Europe. Aside from URBAN, she also advises cities such as Moscow and Vilnius on public realm strategy, and acts as a Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert.