better design, better cities

URBAN has a vision to build better places for people. We focus on working with our clients to create meaningful landscapes that connect people and environment.

Each project encompasses the interplay of art, landscape and sustainability to conceive places that people love and value, and that bring joy and beauty to people’s everyday experience of the city. 

We are a London based group of landscape architects, architects, and urbanists focussed on public realm and landscape in urban environments at all project scales. Our dynamic, talented, and international team, share the values and ambitions of making cities that people love.



Clients say our approach is ‘fresh’ and ‘beautiful’.

That’s because each design is site specific and dynamic. Our design process begins with the site - understanding how its character can be improved to enrich people’s experience. We start by asking, “How do we want people to feel in this place?” Every part of the scheme is well-considered, with no corner ignored: how sunlight filters through leaves; the comfort of materials against the skin; what people perceive as they move through a space; and, the place ‘story’. Although we have a signature approach, there is no standard design response.

 Our clients also say that we, "listen, engage and then convey a design narrative in a highly professional way.” We listen intently, bringing our own ideas, but always willing to learn, modify and work with others’ contributions. The design is honed and perfected until we have found the solution that reveals the uniqueness of place most elegantly. It is a collaborative approach that through iteration brings out the best.

Creativity, responsiveness and delivery set us apart.

Sketches by Alexandra Steed