In everything we do, URBAN has a vision to bring joy to people’s everyday experience of the city.

More than half of the world’s people live in cities, and this number continues to grow. Our cities’ landscapes need to work hard to enrich people’s quality of life in these urban environments.


Our focus is connecting people, and connecting people to their environment in fresh ways.

People are always the starting point of our work. And it is well understood that people  benefit in many ways from a relationship with the natural environment.


We work with ouR clients to imagine the many possibilities, and then create the most elegant and meaningful landscapes for a particular place.

We listen intently, bringing our own ideas, but always willing to learn, modify and work with others’ contributions. Our approach sits at the intersection of art, landscape and sustainability. The design is honed and perfected until we have found the solution that reveals the uniqueness of place most elegantly. It is a collaborative approach that through iteration brings out the best.